1. Upload your waiver document in the attachments section. Note - you cannot upload documents if you don't have 'Account owner' status here. A fellow account owner can promote you.
  2. Right click and copy the hyperlink to your attachment. Do not click on the link and copy.
  3. Add a new booking field here. Select the 'Check box - Yes/No' field type and give it a name along the lines of "have you read and accepted the terms in the waiver below...'.
  4. Under the Additional help text you should paste in your link from step 2. The final step is to use Markdown to create a hyperlink label. e.g. {Bookwhen](http://bookwhen.com) will be shown simply as Bookwhen. Your label can be something like 'Waiver form', for example. More information on Markdown here.
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