When an event becomes full, the booking page will give prospective attendees an option to enter themselves onto the waiting list for the event. It will ask for a name, email and phone number (optional).

People on the list will then be shown on your admin schedule list in the attendee count summary as a +N. For example '15 +3 / 15' means 15 attendees plus 3 people waiting out of a maximum of 15 spaces. The people on the waiting list will be shown on the event preview panel (on the right) at the bottom, with options to remove people or export the list.

If a place becomes available for any reason (cancellation or more spaces being created), then the list notification process will begin:

  • The event will still be shown as fully booked on the public page.
  • The first person on the waiting list will be sent an email containing a special link enabling only them to book onto the event.
  • If they don't book within the allotted time (as set on the settings page) then the next person on the list will be sent an email with a link for them to book. At this point both people can book using their link, but the event will still be shown as fully booked to the public.
  • This continues until either; someone on the list takes the place in which case nobody else will be emailed and the person will be removed from the waiting list as they are now a confirmed attendee, or nobody on the list takes the place and the event is then opened to the public.

If subsequently another place becomes available then the notification process will begin again.

Please note as an administrator, you can override the waiting list functionality and book an attendee onto an event that's currently running through a waiting list, irrespective of whether that person is already on the waiting list. Just book the attendee onto the event from your public page (whilst logged in).

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