If your event isn't appearing on the public page there's a good chance it could be for one or more of the following reasons. After changing any settings remember to click save, then refresh your public page to check:

First, click on your event in the schedule page, click Edit entry, then:

  1. Go to Tickets & Costs and check the When to show the event setting. This should be generous enough to show the event. This is probably at least 4 weeks or longer. Leave completely blank for no restriction. 

  2. Go to Tickets & Costs and check the Show this ticket? box is ticked for your ticket/s.

  3. Under Tickets & Costs check maximum capacity is more than 0, likewise with ticket allowance and Maximum tickets per booking.

  4. Check the Published? toggle in the top right of the Information page.

If you are still unable to see your event get in touch with our support team so we can help you get up and running!

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