New Releases

Jan - July 2019

  • Standard plan users can now mark off attendances in the system, and everyone can customise the columns in the attendee list. Read how here.
  • If you're subscribed to a Bookwhen Plan, you can view past invoices like this
  • There's lots of new articles in our blog, including great insights from fellow customers and best practices.


Older Releases

Take your public booking page offline

You can now un-publish your public booking page. Useful if you're running tests, or you want to 'moth-ball' a booking page during a break in activity.

Customer list

The Customer List shows you key statistics on your attendees and all their latest responses from your booking forms. All of this information can be searched, filtered and ordered to give you customised lists and reports.

Great for exporting mailing lists, finding invalid emails, identifying your best customers and much more!

Offline payment enhancement

You can now ask the booker for a response as part of the offline payment agreement. Handy for quoting a purchase order number, childcare voucher reference, payment reference or anything else! The instructions also accept Markdown, so you can add in buttons or make payment instructions clearer, for example.

Fixing an invalid email

If you notice a customers' email is invalid you can now update and fix it!

Enhancements for mobile users

Updates mean mobile users return to the original date they were viewing and the page performs more intuitively. Please make sure you're sharing your public page link properly.

Remove the 'Login' link on your public page

If you're not running Class Pass promotions on your Bookwhen account, then you might not need to encourage your customers to login. You can now remove the link from your public page if so!

Discount codes for class passes

You can now create a discount code that is redeemable against a class pass. Handy for running promotions on Class Passes, or to be used as vouchers.

Customer profile pages

We recently launched a new customer profile page, which gives you all the vital stats on your customers. We'll be linking to these profiles from the customer list launching this Autumn.

Child attendee flag

Your booking forms can now be optimised to take bookings for children - ensuring the collection of their information complies with data privacy rules and creates a smooth checkout for your bookers.

Auto-forwarding from your previous Bookwhen URL

If you change your public page URL on Bookwhen we'll automatically forward from your old one. We'll do up to three autoforwards on one page, so none of your old links will break!

Single use discount codes

You can now set a discount code to only be used once per email address. This is perfect for bigger campaigns were you'd like to share the code with many people, but only allow one redemption per booker.

Re-sending a confirmation email

Useful if the customer has deleted their original confirmation email, or you've recently fixed an incorrect email address.

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