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You can see our video about how Class Passes work here 📹

What's a Class Pass?

By selling class passes you can let your bookers purchase a block of classes at once, which they can then redeem against future ticket bookings.

This is a great way to reward customers who are willing to commit to future classes upfront, with the cost of a class pass usually being less than the equivalent amount of drop-in tickets (depending on how you wish to use the feature)

You have full control over your pricing, how many tickets are covered by a class pass and how long it's valid for. You can also limit class pass redemptions against certain tickets or events.

Note: The class pass feature is available to Standard Plan subscribers and above and class passes cannot be redeemed against course tickets or group tickets.

Setting up your class pass offers

1 - Navigate to the class pass settings by clicking on Setup, then Discount options and then Class Passes. To set up a new class pass offer, click on the green 'Add new class pass' button.

2 - Now that you're in the setup for a class pass, you can fill in any fields you'd like to use. Your class pass will be unpublished (top right corner) until you decide to publish it and make it available for purchase.

Let's go through the fields and how they can be used:

Class pass name - this field is the name of this particular class pass. Think of it like a product you have for sale. This is the name your customers will see when browsing your class pass offers

Further details - you can use this field if you'd like to add any further information about the class pass. Note that the system will display the number of uses, validity timeframe and which tickets or events it can be used on by default.

Timeframe for use on events - A class pass must be purchased alongside at least one ticket. The 'timeframe for use' begins on the date of the first event booked with that pass. In this example, if the pass was purchased and first redeemed against a class on 1st April 2020, the booker can only use the rest of the pass against classes in the next 365 days. It can't be used on classes taking place after 1st April 2021.

Single use per event? - A single use selection here will mean that the pass can only be used once per booking. ‘Valid for additional attendees’ means that the same pass can be used by the booker for themselves and additional attendees in the same booking (remaining uses permitting).

When will the pass be available for purchase? - The time period indicated here is when this class pass offer will appear on your public pages for your bookers to purchase (leave this blank for no restriction).

Class pass type - Here you can decide if the class pass has a fixed number of uses, or can be redeemed against as many tickets as the booker wishes, within the 'Timeframe for use'. Note: It's not possible to have a class pass that is unlimited in both the number of uses and usage timeframe. You can set the timeframe to be as long as you wish, but it must have an end date

Number of uses - If you've selected 'Fixed number of uses' above, you can now specify how many times the class pass can be redeemed against tickets.

Purchase cost - This is where you decide on the cost of purchasing this class pass. Once the booker has purchased this product, they will not be asked to pay for tickets which the pass is being redeemed against.

Total passes available -  This is the total number of times this class passes can be purchased (leave blank for no restriction). Once the upper limit (in this case 100) has been reached, the ticket will be taken off sale and will no longer be available for purchase.

Class pass applies to - Use this field to restrict which entries, tickets or tags bookers can redeem this class pass against. In this example, a booker who has purchased this class pass can only redeem it against tickets for the entry named 'Cacti and Succulents Class' - Note: You may have multiple entries or tickets with the same name, in which case you must select all applicable from the list.

You can read about best practices for usage restrictions and how to tag entries here.

3 -  Finally, if you are ready to make this offer public, make sure the slider is set to ‘published’ (green) and then click on Save changes.

Changing, unpublishing or deleting your class pass offer

If you make changes to the timeframe for use, the number of uses or restrictions of an existing class pass, those changes will affect bookers who have already purchased this pass. 

The ‘published’ slider can be used to unpublish a class pass if you wish to take it off sale. Bookers who have previously purchased this pass will still be able to redeem their remaining uses.

If you choose to delete your class pass offer completely (class pass settings, bottom right corner) then it will no longer be on sale and bookers who previously purchased the pass will no longer be able to use it.

If you wish to make changes to the individual customers passes, like editing the number of uses, expiry date or revoking the pass completely, you can do that by going to the customer record (customers tab), you can read how to do so here.

How bookers buy a class pass

There are two places on your public page where bookers can buy a class pass:

1 - Below your banner image there's a tab for Class Passes. Note: This will only show if there is a valid class pass for sale that can be redeemed against tickets on this public page.

2 - If there's a valid class pass for sale it will also show below any ticket it can be redeemed against.

Below is a video that shows you how your bookers can purchase a class pass:

When your customer subsequently books a valid ticket, using the booker email address that they purchased the class pass with, the cost will be automatically deducted, along with one use from the pass.

Important notes:

1 - A class pass cannot be redeemed against a free ticket, or ticket with no cost.
2 - A minimum of one ticket must be booked alongside a class pass purchase
3 - The class pass does not care about the value of the ticket. If a class pass is valid it can be redeemed against a ticket of any value above 0. The class pass does not function as a credit in that sense.

Help for your customers

We provide help documentation to share with your bookers about how to purchase and how to manage and cancel class passes

Buying a class pass on behalf of a customer

It is also possible to book a Class pass on behalf of a customer as an administrator Just make sure you specify the customer's email under 'Booker contact email' when
making the booking. 

Class pass cancellation behaviour

You can decide what happens to a class pass use if a customer cancels their booking, in your booking options. Here you can choose for the pass use to be returned not. For more information please see our support article.

Managing purchased Class Passes

You can view a customer's class pass history on their profile page.

If you wish to make changes to the individual customers passes, like editing the number of uses, expiry date or revoking the pass completely, you can do that by going to the customer record (customers tab), you can read how to do so here.

Class pass reporting

You can report on how many class passes a customer has purchased, when their pass expires and how many uses they have remaining, by exporting your customers as a CSV from the Customers tab.

Click on the Options button, then 'Export customers (CSV)'. This export will then provide three columns: U = Passes bought, V = Pass uses remaining and W = Pass expires at

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