You may wish to learn more about how payments work on Bookwhen here, before deciding on your preferred Payment settings.

You can locate your Payment settings via the Sales tools drop-down here:

Here you can determine the conditions surrounding your customer’s payments. Note: payments cannot be taken with a free plan.

To receive online payments through Bookwhen you will need to ensure that you have integrated with a payment gateway, either Stripe, Worldpay or PayPal.

You can select the Setup button next to your chosen service to initiate the process to link your gateway with Bookwhen (please ensure that you have signed up for an account with your chosen service before doing this).


In the Currency section, you can select the currency in which your Bookwhen page will operate (please ensure that this is compatible with your chosen payment gateway). You can read about our supported currencies here.

Tax percentage

You can also determine a Tax percentage which will add a percentage cost onto your future bookings to account for the tax you need to pay. If your prices already account for the tax you can leave this as zero.

Refund policy

Bookwhen recommends that you enter a Refund policy within payment settings, this will appear in the footer of your public page. For some payment gateways, a refund policy is required.

Payment options

Here you can decide if you wish to accept offline payments (payments taken in person, or by any method other than your payment gateway). 

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