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Adding locations

You can locate your saved Locations by selecting the Setup drop-down list in the menu bar at the top of your Overview page. Here you can upload event locations to be included in your entries.

To add a location, select Add new location in the top right of your Locations page. You're then presented with the option to add either a Physical location or an Online event location.

Physical location

To add a Physical location, simply enter the address/location into the Search for location... search box, then select the correct location from the list of suggestions.

Google maps

With Physical locations, you can choose to include a Google map, as well as the address for your attendees on your entries. You can drag the red marker📍on the map to pinpoint your exact location and adjust the zoom level that will be displayed. You can untick the Show location on a map? option to remove the map from your entry, if preferred.

Below the Physical location address, you will find Venue details and Additional information, where you can highlight useful features at the location and include any additional information that you would like your attendees to be made aware of (e.g. ‘third floor, access by pushing the buzzer’).

Online location

To add an Online location, firstly select Online event on your Add new location page. You're then presented with Location name, which we would advise naming something like Zoom - Online to clearly highlight to the attendee that this event is taking place online.

Below this, you can then select your chosen Online provider from the drop-down list:

  • Manually added joining details - you will need to add your joining details manually, this is the option you will need to select if you're using another provider, for example - YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or MS Teams link for your event.

Adding a location to an entry

On Bookwhen, you can either add a location to an entry directly from your Locations page or when editing an entry.

To add a location from the Locations page, select the down arrow next to Edit beside the chosen location then select Set entry locations. From this next page you will be able to amend which of your existing entries have this location set, without needing to edit each entry individually. Don’t forget to save your progress by clicking Save changes

To add a location to a new entry, select Location on the left-hand side of your entry settings. You're then presented with the option to add a Physical location, an Online location, or No location to the entry.

Underneath this, is the option to add an Existing location from your Locations page into the entry. Alternatively, there is also the option to Add a new location, which once added will then be automatically included on your list of existing locations.

Changing a location on an entry

Changing the location on an existing entry is the same process as adding a location to a new entry. Firstly select Edit entry from your Schedule page then Location on the left-hand side of your entry settings to amend the location as needed, then save changes.

Please note - this action will change the location for all dates within the entry and attendees are not automatically notified of any location changes and may need contacting.

Changing a location for specific dates within an entry

To change the location of only one or more dates within a entry, firstly head over to your Schedule page. Then select the date from the schedule that you would like to amend so that it is highlighted in yellow.

Then select the down arrow next to Edit entry and select either Event specific information if your event currently has a Physical location or this will appear as Add online joining details if your event currently has an Online location.

From the Event specific information/Add online joining details window, you will then be able to override the entry location and change the location for this date only. Repeat this process as needed for any additional dates within the entry making sure to select Save changes.

Please note - that attendees are not automatically notified of any location changes and you may need to contact them.

Sorting locations

You can sort your locations by address:

Or by most recently added:

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