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Locating the Schedule page section

You can locate your Schedule pages section by selecting Settings, then Schedule pages:

Here, you can manage the title of your schedule pages and links for Calendar feeds and the Admin users that are set up with access to this page on your account.

Select Edit title underneath the public page URL to amend the title of your schedule page on your admin pages only.

You can also use the Published? toggle to determine if your public page is visible to your bookers or only admins.

Calendar feeds can be set up on your account to link your Bookwhen schedule to another calendar feed (e.g. Google, Outlook, Apple, etc.). You can access the URLs needed to create these links here by clicking on whichever of the 3 types you require (Public feed, private feed, or private feed [sparse]). You can find more information on setting up calendar feeds here.

Admin users (set up in the Account details page) for each schedule are visible in the schedule pages. By clicking on Set user roles you can determine levels of access for these users -

No access - User cannot create and alter entries or bookings.

Bookings only - User has access to manage bookings only.

Setup & bookings - User can create and alter entries and manage bookings.

Delete Schedule page

Select Delete schedule to delete your schedule page - you will be asked to confirm twice before this decision is finalised, first by selecting ‘ok’, then by typing ‘DELETE’ and Delete schedule.

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