You can find the Account details section after clicking on the Account drop-down menu from the top of the admin site. 

Here you can manage the administrators on your account and the information pertaining to your business that will appear on your Public pages.

Access levels

Determine which changes can be made by others who have access to your Bookwhen account here. There are 2 types of access level -

  1. Account owner - access to all settings 
  2. Administrator - Can only access bookings and schedules (not the setup or account menus).


You can enter your business details in this section.

These will be displayed in the footer of your public page.

Account deletion

If you wish to delete your Bookwhen account you can do this by clicking on delete your account. Account deletion takes 24 hours and can be reversed if you change your mind in this period. Don’t forget to check in with the Bookwhen support team before deleting your account, you may wish to switch to our free plan in the account plan page instead. 

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