Welcome to Bookwhen! 

It’s really easy to get up and running so that you can start taking bookings. Just follow our simple 5 step checklist:

  1. Create your first event - create an entry for your schedule, tickets for your customers to book, and a booking form to collect the information you need from your customers.

  2. If you are hoping to take online payments, set up a payment gateway and link it to your Bookwhen account.

  3. Get to know your Public page - so that you can make your Bookwhen page look how you want it to

  4. Add your contact details on the Account details page so your customers can reach you.

  5. Share your page with your customers and wait for the bookings to roll in!

Don’t forget the Bookwhen team are here to support you with every step! Get in touch if you need any help 🙂

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