Most tickets can be easily transferred with the customers booking reference. But there are some instances when this is not possible -

  • Transferring to a ticket with a higher value than the original

  • Transfers to Group tickets with different attendee numbers

Please note that you will also be unable to transfer tickets if you are a free plan user

If you need to transfer one of the above ticket types you will first need to cancel the original booking by locating it in the Bookings tab, clicking on the booking reference (a 5 digit random selection of letters and numbers e.g. E3FGT) and then ticket options and cancel ticket.

Once the ticket is cancelled you can re-book your customer onto the new event. If you are logged in as an administrator this can be done by following the customer booking process from your Public page. You can enter your customer’s details where required or, as an administrator, you can skip fields if you prefer.

If your customer has already paid for the cancelled event you can record their payment on the new event by navigating to the new booking reference.

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