You can manually record an offline payment whilst completing a booking for a customer as an admin, or after the booking has been completed by a customer (if they have selected ‘offline payment’ at checkout).

After customer booking

In the Bookings tab, select the relevant booking reference (a 5 digit code consisting of random letters and numbers e.g. G2YTE).

If Bookwhen shows that they have an amount outstanding you can click on the Record payment button:

Here you can enter the Paid amount, along with the Date Received on, and the method by which it was paid and any Notes you may find useful when referring back to the booking later:

Select Save to finish recording payment for this booking.

When completing a booking as an administrator

After selecting your booker contact and attendee details you are taken to the payments screen -

Simply select Yes in the Record payment now? field and enter a payment type and any notes you wish to include before clicking to complete booking.

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