Google Analytics offers fantastic insights into your page visitors that can provide you with a greater understanding of your bookers and how to improve your business.

It's straightforward to integrate Google Analytics with Bookwhen. Firstly, you will need to ensure that you have a Google Analytics account and that you have also created a Universal Analytics property (Google Analytics 4 isn't currently available as an integration).

Google explain the complete Universal Analytics property setup process further here.

On Bookwhen, your public booking page URL will be the website you want to track, which will be your property website link. You can locate this URL here on your Scheduling page:

Once you've created your Universal Analytics property, it will generate a unique Tracking ID. To locate this, firstly log into your Google Analytics account, then select the Admin settings icon in the bottom left, shown below.

Then select the property, then Tracking Info, then select Tracking Code, where you can then view and copy your Tracking ID:

With this Tracking ID copied, head to your Bookwhen public booking page (ensure you log in as admin), then select Page Setup in the top right. You can then paste your Tracking ID into the Google Analytics ID box here, then Save settings:

Your Bookwhen account is now linked to Google Analytics, and you should see data from your page appear on your Analytics dashboard within 24 hours.

You may wish to check out our article on using Google Analytics Goals to understand your bookers better here

💡 Important note: As cookies don't always work in iframes, and Bookwhen requires cookies to be allowed to enable the insertion of the Google Analytics code to track conversions, the system would ask your users multiple times, which in turn, could create unhappy customers. Therefore, Google Analytics isn't included in iframes, and conversions won't be tracked.

This article is part of an ongoing series aiming to empower you to get the most out of your Bookwhen subscription. Have you used Google Analytics to learn more about your bookers? What kind of insights have you found, and would you like to know how to find more? We love hearing from our customers, so get in touch and let us know ✨

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