If you have multiple entries on your schedule page, Tags can be a powerful tool to help you keep them organised and to present specific events to your customers.

Tags can be added when creating or editing an entry on the Schedule page. The Tags field is found in the Information section, under Additional details:

Simply select the Tags box and type in your tag and hit enter (or click on the new tag link directly below the field in blue) to create the tag:

Once you have saved the entry it will then be associated with this tag across Bookwhen. Your tags can then be used for a number of different purposes -

  • Filtering the public page to present specific events to your customers e.g. each event in your schedule which you have tagged to feature a particular activity.

  • As a filter when searching for bookings e.g. find every event in your schedule that you have tagged to a particular instructor/class leader.

  • When setting usage restrictions on discounts e.g. apply a discount to only events which have been tagged.

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