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Cancelling tickets purchased with a Class Pass use

You can decide whether a cancelled ticket is returned to your booker's class pass automatically or not in your Booking preferences. Under Cancellation, select Edit to locate the Return class pass use on cancellation checkbox:

If you leave the box unchecked, the class pass use will remain used even if the booker cancels their ticket.

Revoking a Class Pass

It is important to note that cancelling a booker's original class booking won't cancel their class pass automatically.

You can revoke a class pass entirely by locating the booker on your Customer list. Then on their profile, select the Class passes tab, then select the pass, then under Options, select Revoke this class pass:

Once revoked, if needed, you can reverse this action by selecting Unrevoke under the same Options:

Read more on how to manage your booker's pass here.

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