So if you've made it this far you've already gotten the hang of creating and selling class passes, and you probably know how to revoke a class pass too!

Let's take a look at how you can make changes to a customer's purchased class pass.

Firstly, locate the class pass by finding the customer in your customer's list:

Now select the customer and then the class pass you'd like to make changes to. You'll see the following options:

You will now be able to decide if it's the expiry date of that customers pass that you'd like to change, or the number of uses they have available.

Let's say for example your customer was injured and couldn't attend your classes for a month. You might want to add another 4 weeks to their pass, so they can use the spaces up. You can either override the expiry date or edit the timeframe based on when it was first used.

You can also change the number of redemptions left. For example, let's say your customer showed up at a class without booking in advance. If she wants to use her class pass, you can just take one space off by overriding the remaining uses. 

Please note: The number of classes refers to the original number. So if the customer started with 23, used 5 and you want to remove the 6th use, you need to change the number of classes to 22, which is one use less than they started with.

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