Changing the name at the end of your Bookwhe public page URL is simple and only takes a few minutes. Changing this name won't change the admin URL for your Bookwhen account, so this admin URL can be different from the name on your public page URL, for example:

Admin URL -
Public page URL -

Firstly head over to the public page you'd like to change the name of, by selecting View public page on your schedule:

Then select Page Setup in the top right corner, then select Change your page URL... here on the left:

You can now enter the new name you'd like to use in this box. Please note, in order to use spaces you need to use a dash - or plus +. For example grow+oxford:

After selecting Update URL the new name will immediately come into effect. Remember to share your new updated URL with your bookers.


However, if your bookers use your previous URL, they will be automatically redirected to the new one. The previous name, as well as the new name, will be locked from other Bookwhen members using it. 

Please note, we save up to two previous changes. Therefore, if you change the URL name 3 times, the first name will become available again for you or other Bookwhen members to use.


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