How to change your URL

Changing your public page URL is simple and only takes a few minutes. 

  1. Go to the public page you'd like to change the name of
  2. Click on 'Page Setup' in the top right 
  3. Click on the 'Change your page URL'

4. Now you can enter the new name you'd like to use. Remember you can't have spaces, so you'll need to use - or + for example

5. After saving the changes will immediately come into affect, so remember to share your new URL with your customers so they know where to book.


If your customers still use your old URL, they will be redirected automatically to the new one, and it will be locked from other Bookwhen customers using it. 

We save up to two changes previous, so if you change the URL 3 times, the first name will be available again for you or other Bookwhen customers to use.

You're done!

And that's it! There's nothing more for you to take care of, just remember the admin URL for your Bookwhen account (where you go to log in and do your work) won't change, so this will now be different from the name on your public page.

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