Priority booking can be useful for several different reasons - you may be fortunate enough to have a group of returning regulars whose attendance you wish to guarantee, or perhaps your classes reward progression, and you want to prioritise those who have committed to the journey and improved their skills, while still leaving the door open for interested newcomers. 

Whatever the reason, Bookwhen allows you to give a select group a priority booking period by following a couple of simple steps. After you are satisfied that everyone from your select group has had an appropriate amount of time to register their interest, releasing any remaining tickets for general booking is easy.  

This article looks at the password protection feature, which restricts anyone who doesn’t have the password from booking a ticket on that entry. 

You can find the Private booking password field in the More options section of an entry - 

Passwords are case and space-sensitive, so it’s worth considering making it as simple as possible to avoid frustrated bookers!  

For example, ‘priority’ is far less likely to lead to a failed attempt than ‘PRIORITY password_1’

Protect repeat customer’s tickets and promote loyalty to your events

“When I do a new release of term, I password protect it for everyone who is currently involved, they get given the password, and they get a week of priority booking, beyond that week I remove the password, and it is a free for all.” 

- Bookwhen customer

To set up priority booking just set up a password when you create the entry, then issue the password to the group you wish to have priority. You could give out the password in class or via a mass email with data harvested from your Customer list.  

Anyone trying to book onto a password-protected event will encounter the following screen after selecting their tickets – 

Your group can enter the password and proceed. Anyone else will have to wait!  

Once the priority period is over, simply remove the password by clearing the Private booking password field in your entry, and tickets will then be available to all.

This article is part of an ongoing series aiming to empower you to get the most out of your Bookwhen subscription. Do you think that Priority booking would be a helpful tool to add to your events? Perhaps you have unique use of Bookwhen of your own? We love hearing from our customers, so get in touch and let us know!

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