The Bookwhen support team has put together an assistant spreadsheet to help you to find out more from the data that you export from Bookwhen.

This is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, if you don't have Excel loaded onto your device you can gain access for free via a Microsoft Online subscription - more information on how to do this is included at the bottom of this post. 

You can view and download the Reporting Assistant spreadsheet here

The file is saved in a 'read only' format so you will have to create your own version of the file in order to make any changes (creating your own version will ensure that any data you enter is only accessible on your own device/ Microsoft online account).

You can create your own version by clicking Download (or Open in Desktop App) to work on the file on a local copy of Excel saved to your device, or Save to OneDrive to use Microsoft online, (which includes 5GB of free storage on Microsoft OneDrive)

Instructions for use

The Reporting Assistant spreadsheet uses Bookings and Attendances exports, which you can download from your Bookings tab.

Step 1: Select the date range you are interested and ensure that only 'complete' is selected as a booking status -

Step 2
: Click on Search to load the data for your chosen time period -

Step 3:
Select Export Bookings from the Options menu -

Step 4:
Open the export file in Excel (this step can also be completed in Google Sheets, or any other spreadsheet program) and select all the data (excluding the headings) by clicking and holding on the '2' for the 2nd row and dragging down until all data is selected -

Step 5:
Click CTRL + C (Windows) or CMD + C (Mac) to copy the selected data, or right click your mouse and select 'copy'

Step 6:
Navigate to 'Booking data' on the Reporting Assistant using the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet -

Step 7:
Select cell B2 and paste the data you have copied by clicking CTRL + V (Windows), CMD + V (Mac) or by right clicking and selecting 'paste'

Step 8 :
Repeat steps 3 - 7 except in Step 3 select Export Attendances (instead of Export Bookings) and in Step 7 select the 'Attendance Data' sheet (instead of 'Booking data') - make sure that the attendance export is for the same time period (as selected in Step 1) as the bookings export.

Your Reporting Assistant should now be ready to use!

You can analyse (variously) ticket cost totals, payment totals, owed amounts, discounts received, online/offline payment totals, and attendances (as recorded on the Attendee List) according to Customers, Events, Tickets and Discounts by clicking on those tabs.

The by Booking Date tab allows you to search according to the booking date (rather than the date of the event). All you need to do is enter the date period in which you are interested into the 'From' and 'To' fields in 'DD/MM/YYYY' format (e.g. 01/06/2019 = 1st June 2019) -

Any data in the green half of the sheet relates to all the data you imported to the Booking Data and Attendance Data tabs. Any data in the yellow half is for the period you have entered in the date selector (though it is possible that there may be some bookings which would fall into this time period but which were not included in the export you created in Step 1 as they did not refer to events that occurred in that time period) -

Microsoft Online

You can use Excel Online, a Free Microsoft web app by signing into (or creating) a Microsoft account here.

This article is part of an ongoing series aiming to empower you to get the most out of your Bookwhen subscription. Feedback on the reporting assistant spreadsheet will influence further iterations of reporting within Bookwhen so let us know what you like, what you want to see improved ,and any other areas you would like to be able to analyse in more detail. We love hearing from our customers so get in touch!

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