The saving of card details for use on future transactions was complicated in 2019 by the introduction of Strong Customer Authentication rules for increased online payment security.

It is still possible for your bookers to save their card details for future bookings but the process has changed for those using Stripe as a payment gateway.

Since the introduction of the SCA regulations it is only possible for your bookers to save their card details via Stripe checkout if they have created a Bookwhen password. As Bookwhen gives the option to create a password after completing a booking, the earliest your bookers will be able to save their card details is on their 2nd booking. 

Assuming your booker creates a Bookwhen password on their 1st booking:

1st booking - Booker creates Bookwhen password after completion of booking
2nd booking - Booker enters card details and is given the option to save
3rd booking - Saved card is available for selection for this, and all subsequent, bookings

Bookers are given the option to save card details at the point of entry -

Bookers can save multiple cards to their account. Each saved card will be available for selection at checkout if they are logged in -

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