Enhanced Locations

In November 2019 we enhanced the way locations work on Bookwhen - aligning them closer with Google Maps.

Our enhanced location feature helps you provide more accurate directions to events, and makes them more discoverable on Google Search. 

Upgrading your Locations

Locations created on Bookwhen before November 2019 may need to be upgraded by you to benefit from the enhancement. Here's how:

  1. Navigate to your Locations page.
  2. Check for any locations marked with a green 'Upgrade' button. If none are marked for Upgrade then your locations already meet the new standard - you can stop here!
  3. Click to Upgrade any locations that are flagged, paying careful attention to the new proposed location and details. You can adjust details and click 'Find address on map' to make sure it's right. 

You might decide that a map is not relevant for some locations. Just select 'No map' on the Upgrade page if so.

Merging locations

You may notice that you've created some duplicate locations, if so you can merge them into a single location. Pay extra attention you're merging identical locations.

  1. Navigate to your Locations page.
  2. Find a location you'd like to merge with another and click the down arrow next to 'Edit'
  3. Now click 'Merge locations'
  4. Select all the locations from the list you'd like to merge. All selected locations will inherit the details from the location you initially selected. 

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