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Please note: The Zoom integration is available on the Lite plan or above.

Why embedding a password is important

We add a password to all meetings generated by our Zoom integration by default for enhanced security. However, to make it as easy as possible for attendees to join your Zoom meeting in one click. We "embed" this password in the meeting link. Embedding the password means your attendees don't have to enter the password to join the meeting manually - so more secure for you and simple for your attendees to join!

If you don't embed a password, your attendees will have to enter the password manually. Manually entering a password can cause confusion and delays for your attendees trying to join the meeting (in some cases).

Although our integration automatically embeds a password, a setting in your Zoom account can override this, meaning attendees will be required to enter a password manually. You may have switched this off in your Zoom settings.

Here's how to switch it back on:

  • Log into your Zoom account

  • Navigate to Settings (here)

  • Ensure you have activated the Embed passwords in meeting link for one-click join (screenshot below):

You must also select the following settings under Meeting Passcode:

  • All instant and scheduled meetings that users can join via client or room systems will be passcode-protected. The Personal Meeting ID (PMI) meetings are not included.

  • Require a passcode for meetings that have already been scheduled:

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