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Firstly, you'll need to check your plan to make sure you can add an administrator to your account. You can check the pricing plans just here.

To invite an administrator to join your account

  1. Go to your account on the top right hand corner of your screen and select account details from the drop down which will take you here.
  2. On the right of your screen you will see a box where you can invite the administrator. Once an email has been sent, the recipient will need to accept the invite.

Access levels

You can set different access levels which will either be applied across the whole account or for each individual schedule if you have more than one.

Account wide access

When you have invited a new admin and they have accepted the invite, a small icon (as per the screenshot below) will appear next to their name and email address on your account details page.

The drop down will give you these options:

  • Amend their email preferences.
  • Promote to account owner - you can opt to have multiple account owners. Please read here on different access levels.
  • Remove from the account.
  • Promote to account owner (you can have more than one account owner depending on your plan).
  • Set as reply-to email address (all emails such as booking confirmations to bookers will be sent from that email and all email notifications for admin such as a new booking will be sent to that email).

Please note - when setting any of the above, the administrator will not be notified.

Schedule access

You can choose which admins have access to your schedules by going to your schedule pages just here. You can then set the user roles for each admin.

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