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✨ For guidance on manually completing a booking, see here.


An admin or team member can see the Offline payment and Record a payment options during checkout, even if you have set payments as Enforce online payment in the entry:

You can find payment options in your entry settings under the Tickets & Costs section. Regardless of these settings, a team member can record payment to reflect the payment method of the booker if they paid by another method.

Ticket restrictions

An admin or team member can override ticket restrictions set in the Tickets & Costs settings in the entry:

Team members can still see the ticket restriction in red but can bypass these restrictions and continue with the booking:

Waiting list

An admin or team member can complete a booking even when the Waiting List is running. When new spaces open up on a fully booked event with a Waiting List, the system holds those spaces from public booking until it contacts everyone on the list. However, an admin can bypass this restriction and book a ticket whenever space is available.

Entering email information

Main booking contact information

An admin or team member will be able to choose from a drop-down list of their existing bookers when selecting the primary booking contact and also have the option to choose Someone new or Skip selection.

Admin view:

Booker view:

Attendee information

An admin or team member can select attendees from a list or skip selection entirely:

Admin view:

Booker view:

Booking form fields

A team member can bypass mandatory booking form fields on the entry.

You can find Set mandatory fields in the Booking form section of your entry.

Fields with a red asterisk are mandatory, and the booker must complete them to make a booking. However, the admin and team members can proceed without entering further information.

Event password

A team member can book an event without entering the event password if you have set one up in the entry settings. You can read more about password-protecting entries here.

You can set Event passwords in the More Options section of your entry settings. Once set, a booker cannot book an event unless they enter the same password. A team member will not see the event password field below and can progress straight to the next checkout stage.

💡 If you want to view your public pages exactly as your bookers would, you should log out of your Bookwhen account. You will see several differences if logged in as an admin or team member.

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