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What is a leader profile?

Any team member of the Bookwhen account can create a public profile, which can be shown with their events. Below is an example of how the public profile page can look:

The left section shows the person's profile leading the event, and the right is a schedule list of the events that they have been assigned to as a leader.

Setting up a leader profile

Anyone can set up a leader profile by selecting Account and Team from the left-hand menu.

You can edit your profile by selecting the pencil and paper icon to the right of your name.

When setting up your profile, you can choose what information you'd like to include. Here you can add any information you'd like in the 'About me' section, set a profile picture, and embed videos, pictures and buttons.

Making the profile visible publicly to bookers

Every profile has its own unique URL. If the profile is published, the URL will work, but if it's not, anyone selecting it will instead be redirected to your public schedule page.

To publish your profile, press the toggle in the top right-hand corner of your profile so that it shows green:

Bookers will see who is running the event as long as the profile is published and the leader is tagged to the entry or event (as outlined in our Leader help guide here).

The leader's name will then appear as a clickable link on the event like this:

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