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What is data cleaning?

In order to keep in line with data protection and privacy recommendations, the system has automated data cleaning processes you can utilise, which will remove the booker data stored on your Bookwhen account for inactive customers.

What is an inactive booker?

In Bookwhen, we class an inactive booker as someone who has made a booking in the past, but has not made a booking within your specified timeframe, and doesn't have any class pass uses remaining.

Setting up your preferred data retention settings

When logged in as an account owner on your Bookwhen account, navigate to Settings - Booking preferences. At the bottom of the page you will see a 'Danger Zone' section, which refers to settings that can have negative consequences when used incorrectly. Within this section you will find your data retention settings:

Click 'Edit' to view the options available to you. Any changes require your Bookwhen password to be entered, for extra security.

If you select the checkbox to 'Enable customer auto-deletion' you will be able to set your preferred timeframe. The default is 18 months, but you can change this timeframe to be as short as 14 days.

What data is removed?

If a customer (booker) falls inside your 'inactive' timeframe and is auto-deleted, their customer profile will be completely deleted. However, this deletion will only affect their profile on your account, and not on any other Bookwhen account they might be a customer on. Any past bookings this customer made will stay in tact for reporting purposes, but the personal data on the booking will be removed.

When is the data removed?

When setting your data retention preferences you have a 24 hour grace period before the auto-deletion starts running. From then on, it will run continuously unless you turn it off again.

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