Bookwhen’s account dashboard allows you to monitor the performance of franchisees linked to your HQ account.

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Once you are set up as the HQ account of a franchise, you can access the dashboard by selecting Linked accounts, then Accounts dashboard:

Understanding the Accounts dashboard

The Accounts dashboard will display each franchisee account that has been connected to your HQ account, including individual data for all of their schedule pages.

The above shows the clickable link to the account, the Bookwhen the franchisee account's pricing plan is set up, and a schedule page on the franchisee's account.

You can use the search bar at the top of the dashboard to narrow down results, and the Options menu can export the data shown in .csv (spreadsheet) format.

What the Accounts dashboard tells you

The data displayed for each schedule page can be broken down as follows:

Stats period (all data drawn from the period selected in the dashboard search bar)

  • Active customers = The number of unique customers who have attended an event in the stats period or the 28 days before the stats period.

  • Bookings made = The number of bookings completed on this schedule (a booking can contain multiple tickets for multiple events).

  • Spaces attended = The number of attended spaces on this schedule. (each time one attendee attends an event, it is counted as an attended space)

  • Spaces booked = The number of booked spaces on this schedule (each time one attendee has a ticket giving access to an event, it is counted as a booked space).

  • Amount taken = The monetary value collected for events on this schedule.

  • Refunds given = The monetary value refunded to bookers on this schedule.


  • Total customers = Total number of unique customers who have attended an event

  • Total bookings = Total amount of bookings taken on this schedule

  • Total attendances = The total number of attended spaces for this account. (each time one attendee attends an event, it is counted as an attended space)

  • Amount taken = Total monetary amount collected for events on this schedule

  • Refunds given = Total monetary value of refunds issued for events on this schedule


Here you can see an Overview of your account by viewing the number of accounts on each plan and which plans they are on:

You can also see the list of accounts under the Accounts list tab:

✨ If you are looking for an overview of Bookwhen’s franchise system, see here.

✨ If you have questions about the franchise dashboard or setup, please get in touch.

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