Memberships is a beta feature that is slowly being released to early feature adopters on the Standard plan or above. This feature will enable you to offer subscription payments to your bookers.

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What is a Membership?

A membership on Bookwhen is a subscription for which your bookers can sign up; you can set this as a one-off or recurring payment.

Your bookers are assigned to a membership customer group when they purchase a membership. This group then has access to exclusive offers you apply to the group. Currently, only Exclusive tickets are available as an offer. Only bookers in this customer group will have access to purchase the exclusive tickets you assign to the group. These can be created as tickets, including a member discount or no-cost tickets included in the subscription cost.

Bookers must create a booker account and log in to book exclusive member-only tickets.


Memberships are also only currently available if Stripe is your integrated payment gateway. You can integrate with Stripe by reading this article here.

If you have integrated your account with Stripe, you are good to go and can continue with creating a Membership.

Please note that by integrating with Stripe to enable Memberships, all payments made through your Bookwhen account will be processed by Stripe.

This feature is also only available on the Standard plan and above.

Upcoming Features - to be confirmed in 2023

  • Gift memberships.

  • Auto-enrolment onto a series of events.

  • Member discounts are applied automatically to all member bookings, for example, 10% or 100% off.

  • Member discounts on non-exclusive tickets.

  • The ability to purchase a membership without a ticket.

  • Pending memberships that require approval.

Creating a Membership

Memberships can be created by heading to Packages and Discounts and selecting Memberships. Then select Create a new membership. The system will then present you with the option to confirm that the membership is Published and for the public to purchase. And also is the option to name your new membership; this is the title that will appear on your public booking page:

If you have more than one schedule page, you can also confirm which pages this membership is available on. You can then select Create to confirm your new membership.

Once created, you can select Edit details to amend the Published status and the title if needed. You can also add further information and information about your new membership in this section, which is then displayed underneath the title.

On the right-hand side, you can then add the cost of your new membership:

In this section, you can enter the Title for this price option. You can then set the Cost of the membership and set the Billing period for the recurring payment:

From the above menu next to the price option, you can also select Open on Stripe to view the created membership subscription on your Stripe account directly. You can also choose Edit price to amend the title only.

Changing a membership price

You can update your membership prices from within Stripe, which automatically reflects within your Bookwhen account. Bookwhen will also send an email to your existing members to let them know of the change.

See here for more details on changing prices from within Stripe.

The Membership Offer

Now that your membership has been created, you can add your member offer in the form of Exclusive tickets to the associated Customer group that is linked with your membership here:

The Customers section will include all bookers who have purchased the associated membership on the customer group for your membership. Suppose their membership is cancelled or their payment fails for their next billing period. In that case, they will be removed from this group automatically.

Bookers can be added manually to a customer group if needed; however, the membership will need to be purchased by the booker directly for membership payments to be processed.

To add an exclusive ticket, under Offers, firstly select Add offer, then Create.

Once your offer has been created, you can select Edit offer to set your restrictions:

The first setting option is Offer enabled; meaning is this exclusive ticket offer active:

Under Restrictions, you can then confirm Restrict who can use the offer, either for Personal use only, meaning only the owner of the membership can book this exclusive ticket.

Or you can select Allow additional attendees. You can then set how many additional attendees can be booked to allow the membership owner to book multiple exclusive tickets. This setting is helpful for friends and family memberships:

Finally, you can confirm Restrict number of uses, where you can set how many exclusive tickets can be booked in How many uses are allowed?, and whether this is a recurring Ongoing offer. If this is ongoing, you can also set How long is a usage period? Which will be the period where the offer resets. For example, ten exclusive tickets per month:

The Restrict number of uses checkbox would be left unchecked for a recurring monthly membership with an unlimited offer.

If you have created exclusive tickets already on your entries, you can set which exclusive tickets are included in this customer group offer in the final offer section. You can select either All exclusive tickets on that schedule page or Select individual tickets:

💡 To note: When you update an offer, it won't apply to existing members, i.e. customers who signed up before the update. The system will always reflect the initial offer your customers signed up for.

Creating an exclusive ticket

If you have not yet created your exclusive tickets, you can find the ticket setting to enable this in your entry settings via Edit entry, then Tickets & Costs. Here you can select the checkbox titled Exclusive ticket; you can then confirm which customer group you would like to attach to this exclusive ticket:

How Your Bookers Purchase a Membership

To access your member-exclusive tickets, your bookers can view and purchase your available memberships on your booking page here in the top bar next to the Schedule tab or underneath an exclusive ticket:

With the membership in the basket, member tickets are then available to select and book alongside the membership purchase:

After completing payment, bookers then receive two emails, one confirmation email for their booked ticket and their purchased membership:

And one explicitly confirming their ongoing membership subscription with their invoice attached:

Selecting View membership subscription allows bookers to view, cancel and update their card details if needed.

Emails are also sent to bookers in the following scenarios:

  • Their subscription has been renewed

  • Payment for the subscription has failed (Stripe reattempts payment three times automatically)

  • Their subscription has been cancelled

  • Their subscription has been restored

  • Their subscription has ended

💡 To note: In the case of changes related to the credit card used at the time of the membership sign-up, updating the card details in Stripe by the booker should ensure the membership remains active and upcoming payments are taken from the new card.

Managing Your Bookers Memberships

To check a booker's membership renewal date or to view or cancel their membership, you can access this via the membership here:

This is also accessible via their customer profile, located via Customers, then Customer list:

When a membership is cancelled through Bookwhen, the booker is notified via email confirming this action. Please note that they will be removed from the associated customer group at the end of their current invoicing period.

If a cancellation needs to take effect immediately, this will need to be processed on Stripe; a booker's membership can be viewed directly on Stripe via the above menu options titled Open on Stripe.

On Stripe, you can then refund and cancel immediately if needed. Stripe has further guidance here.

💡 To note:

  • Bookers can book exclusive tickets for their children if you set the offer to allow additional attendees, as explained more in-depth here.

How to amend the bookers' renewal date

You'll need to update the renewal date of a booker's membership directly through Stripe. To do this:

  1. Navigate to the customer record on Stripe

  2. Select the desired subscription on the customer page to navigate to the subscription page

  3. Select actions on the top right, then Update subscription

  4. On the update subscription page, scroll down to the advanced options and check the Reset the billing cycle checkbox

  5. Select the Update subscription button on the top right to update

This will reset the billing cycle to start 'today'. It will do this by issuing an invoice, charging it and starting a new period cycle from today.

Important note

When setting up a membership, you are setting up a recurring payment within Stripe. This isn't direct debit but a CPA (continuous payment authority). You can read more about CPAs here and here.

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