We sympathise with how complex the uncertainty of the current climate is and the impact this may have on your business. Therefore, we have curated this list of valuable tools that you can use to prepare and manage your events and bookings as needed.

This article covers:

Contacting and informing your bookers

Managing your events

Managing tickets, bookings, and class passes

Offering online events and content:

Contacting and informing your bookers

Adding an alert message to your page

Firstly head over to your public page. Then select Page setup in the top right corner. Then scroll down to below your banner image, where you will find a box labelled Alert message:

Here's how text is displayed on your public page:

Emailing your attendees

To send an email to the attendees of a specific event, navigate to the Attendee list here:

Then select the Options drop-down, and click View email list:

You can then use the option Open in your email client to automatically open a new blank email (BCC) in your default email tool on your device:

Or you can use Copy emails to easily copy your email list and BCC them into your preferred email tool manually:

You can also email all of your customers at once via your Customers tab by selecting Options, then View email list here:

Amending your refund policy and ticket cancellation/transfer settings

If needed, your public refund policy can be edited on your account here via your Payments settings.

To allow bookers more time to reschedule or cancel, you can also edit your ticket cancellation and transfer settings if needed on your account here via Settings, then Booking preferences. We discuss these settings further here.

Managing your events

Rescheduling your event or course

You can quickly reschedule the date, time, or duration of any event in your schedule with confirmed bookings by following these instructions here.

This will ensure that the system carries all confirmed bookings to the new date, time, or duration. However, please note attendees will not be automatically notified of this change and may need contacting directly if required.

Resending the confirmation emails by following these instructions here for this event will ensure attendees have the latest date/time/duration details.

Cancelling your event or course

If your event or course is no longer going ahead, you can mark it as cancelled by following these instructions here.

This will ensure that bookers can no longer make further bookings and that the event is marked as cancelled with a customisable reason displayed.

Please note that cancelling an event does not notify attendees automatically, and they may need contact if needed. All original bookings will remain intact on the cancelled date/time. You can decide if you wish to cancel and refund or transfer bookers' tickets to a different event instead.

Changing an event location

If a location needs amending or moving to an online location, you can edit the entry location by following these instructions here.

Resending the confirmation emails by following these instructions here for this event will ensure attendees have the latest location details or online link.

Setting a new maximum capacity

You can follow these instructions here to set a new maximum capacity for a specific event or date/time within a course. This will override the original entry settings and ensure that only this new number of places are publicly available for this event.

Alternatively, you can amend the entry maximum event size via Edit entry, updating all dates/times listed within this entry.

Managing tickets, bookings, and class passes

Cancelling or transferring a ticket to a future event

If needed, you can cancel or transfer individual tickets to a new event in the future by following these instructions here. Please note cancelling a ticket will not process a refund automatically.

Please note with ticket transfers, the booker is notified via email of this change and receives confirmation of the new event booked. Bookers also receive confirmation of ticket cancellations.

Cancelling a booking

Alternatively, you may need to cancel all purchased tickets as part of one booking. Please note this action also will not process a refund automatically.

To process this, firstly locate the booking on your Bookings tab, then select Cancel this booking here:

Using discount codes as credit

Discount codes are a great tool to utilise when handling cancellations without losing the transaction fee taken by your chosen payment provider.

Instead of refunding the payment, you can create unique discount codes to give to your bookers to redeem with a future booking. We explain the process further here.

Refunding a ticket or booking

If you need to refund the payment taken, please note that refunds are never processed automatically via cancellation actions. They will need to be processed directly via your payment provider.

You can process a refund by following these instructions here. You can process partial refunds by amending the amount before confirming the refund via your payment gateway.

Offline payment refunds can also be recorded manually via the booking by selecting Record refund here:

Extending class passes

If needed, you can add uses to your bookers' class passes or extend the expiry date as required on an individual basis. We explain the process further here.

You can locate these settings via your Customers tab by viewing a booker and selecting the Class passes tab.

Offering online events and content

Hosting events online

Our Zoom integration allows you to host events easily online. Unique links are created automatically and shared with confirmed attendees in their confirmation and reminder emails. You can get set up with Zoom by following these instructions here. We also have integrations available with Jitsi, Vimeo and YouTube.

You can also add your online details manually from other platforms to your events by following these instructions here.

Adding recorded content to your schedule

Offering pre-recorded content for purchase is a fantastic tool for offering events during closure periods.

On Bookwhen, you can embed content into your entries from either Vimeo instructions here or YouTube instructions here. The content is then only accessible to confirmed bookings.

Please note that a date/time currently needs listing with this content. The duration of each date/time on the entry is then the period the booker has access to the content unless you select Allow ongoing access after event? when you're embedding the content links here:

We hope these tools are helpful. If you have any queries, please get in touch via our live chat. We're here to support you 🙂

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