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This feature is available on the Lite plan or above.

Locating the Page setup

You can find your Page setup by heading to your public page and selecting Page setup in the top right-hand corner:

Once selected, you will see the below section:

Changing your page URL

You can change your public page's URL by selecting Change your page URL

Changing the URL only changes the link your customers see. Your main page URL is hidden from your customers and is only viewable by you. If you'd like to change your main page URL, please contact support via live chat or email

HTML code for your page

This section refers to Button link, Standard link and Embedded iframe codes. You can select each blue button link to view the codes that you can copy and paste into your website:

See here to learn more about how to embed your iframe into your website.

Include in web search results

Check this box if you'd like your page to appear in web searches such as Google, Bing etc. Uncheck the box to tell search sites to exclude your pages from their results by setting the 'noindex' option.

Public Page default language

Use this section to select the language you wish to display your page on the search results (Google, Bing etc.) when indexed.

Show availability

You can decide whether your public page shows the number of spaces and tickets available. Check the box to show the availability, and uncheck it to hide the availability to only show when the event is almost full.

Show the login button

You can hide your customers' Login button by unchecking this box. We recommend keeping this option ticked and visible if you offer class passes to allow customers to see the status of their passes.

Schedule row count

Decide how many rows of your schedule you'd like to show on your page before the Show more button at the bottom.

Link back to your website

If you'd like to redirect your customers back to your website or social media page, you can add the URL to this section:

Once your customers complete a booking, they will see the below button:

Google Analytics ID

Google Analytics offers fantastic insights into your page visitors that can provide you with a greater understanding of your bookers and how to improve your business. You can enter your ID into this section:

To read more on Google Analytics, see here.

Header background colour

You can set your banner background colour in this section. To read more on setting a colour, see here.

💡 To note: the colour is only visible if you haven't set a banner image.

Upload logo image

You can upload and delete your logo image in this section by selecting the Set logo or Delete button. For more information on choosing a logo image, see here.

Upload banner photo

You can upload and delete your banner image in this section by selecting the Set header background or Delete button. For more information on choosing a banner image, see here.

Main page title

You can change the title of your page in this section. To locate it, please scroll down until you see the below Main page title box:

Alert message

You can add an alert message to your page in this section. To locate it, please scroll down until you see the below Alert message box:

General information

You can add a text blurb to your page in this section. Here is where you will paste in any codes for your filter buttons. To locate the box, please scroll down until you see General information:

Saving your settings and closing the window

Please ensure you save any changes you make within the Page setup. To do this, select Save settings:

To close the settings, select Close:

💡 To read more on customising your public page using Page setup, see here.

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