You can now offer exclusive customer tickets using the Beta Membership and Customer Group features.

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To note: Exclusive tickets are available on the Standard plan or above for Early adopters. (To read more about how to switch this on, see here).

What is an exclusive ticket?

An exclusive ticket is part of your membership 'offer'. Once a customer signs up as a member, the system automatically assigns them to a specific customer group. Within that group, their offer is customised by you, as explained here. They also apply to any manual customer groups you set up and add customers to.

How to set up an exclusive ticket

Select the Tickets & Costs tab from within your entry. Here you can select the checkbox titled Exclusive ticket; you can then confirm which customer group you would like to attach to this exclusive ticket:

You can tailor your exclusive ticket to suit your offer - perhaps it is a discounted ticket for a manually set up customer group or a 'free' ticket for members who have paid for a monthly/annual membership.

How members book exclusive tickets

Members must be signed in with the email address they used to sign up for the membership/the email address when added to the customer group to access the exclusive tickets. This is because the system will only allow those who are part of the specified customer group to book the tickets, and it needs to identify the member through their email address.

If you have added someone manually to the group and do not have a password, you can send them this link to set one.

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