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Ticket prices

Restricting when a ticket is revealed is a helpful way to set dates for your ticket prices if, for example, your ticket prices are changing from a set date.

To do this, select Restrict when this ticket will be available from within your ticket setup. This setting allows you to customise when the ticket opens/closes by days or on a fixed date:

Once restricted, you can add a new ticket with the new price by selecting Add another ticket type from here:

Or at the bottom of your ticket set up (if you currently only have one ticket set up):

Remember to save any changes you make along the way!

✨ See here for more information on restricting ticket availability.

Pass prices

You can restrict your Pass under the Availability section:

Restricting when the Pass is available for purchase is a great way to set an end date for a Pass that changes price from a set date.

Once set, you can create a new Pass and restrict the availability by adding a start date (when the new price begins). You may wish to keep the End date clear if you'd like the new Pass to be ongoing.

💡 Tip:

  • Once your Pass with the old date is no longer available, you may wish to unpublish it. To do this, select it from your Pass list:

    Then slide the Published toggle so it appears in red:

Remember to save any changes you make 🕺

✨ If you have any questions, please get in touch with the support team via live chat or email at

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