Please note: The Class Search Portal is available only for Bookwhen accounts on a Linked Accounts structure.

This powerful feature enables your bookers to search through all your Linked Accounts entries to find the event that is right for them.

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What is the Class Search Portal feature?

The Class Search Portal is a powerful search engine tool connected to your HQ account. It enables your bookers to use filters to tailor their results by location, distance, and type.

An image showing the Bookwhen class search portal feature

To access your unique search portal, you would visit it via a structured link like this

💡 Please note: You'll host this from your HQ Bookwhen account. If you change the account name of your HQ, this will change the URL you access it through.

How is it powered?

When it comes to an understanding of how the Class Search Portal works, three different aspects power this:

  1. Entries: This is the key driving power behind this feature. It will pull through any entries added to scheduling pages across your Linked Accounts.

  2. Tags: This adds additional filtering capabilities allowing your bookers to search by "event type". See here for more information on creating tags.

  3. Entry images: This adds a visual element to the results page for your bookers. If no images are attached to an entry, it will default to an icon.

💡 To note:

  • By default, any sub-account connected to your HQ will have all their entries pulled through into the results of the search portal. As the HQ account owner, you can decide if you would like to bar any sub-accounts on both an account level or individual schedule page basis from pulling through. To do this, please contact the support team to inform them of the pages and/or sub-accounts you'd like to hide from the Class Search Portal.

Using the Class Search Portal

To get to the results page, your booker must select options from the filter options based on their needs.

  • Event location: Bookers can filter the results to see either 'In person', 'online' or 'any type' (a combination of online and in-person events).

  • Town or postcode: They will need to add either of these, or they can "use current location" to add in their location. They must add a location.

  • Search within: Bookers can search within a specific distance range of the town or postcode you add, which currently goes up to 600 miles.

  • Event type: Based on the tags associated with an entry, Bookers can select from a list of options. If they do not select an event type, it will default to "All".

Once they have chosen from the options and selected the blue Search button, Bookwhen will show them a results page that looks like this:

Bookers can re-order the results by distance (nearest) or time (soonest) using the Sort by function via the drop-down in the top right-hand corner. They can also update their search parameters by using the filter fields on the left-hand search navigation.

💡 Best practice tips

To ensure that you get the most value out of this feature, you can follow these best practice tips:

  • Tags on entries: As tags power the event type, they can become a very long list option if you don't put some consistency measure in your sub-account. We recommend that as the HQ account owner, you advise your sub-accounts on what tags they should use on entries, e.g. "Beginner" or "Baby classes", "Seasonal", or "Christmas".

  • Event images: As the images on the results page are powered by the event images attached to entries, we recommend adding images to your events to create the best visual experience for your bookers. To see how to do this, please visit this guide: Adding event images.

  • Iframe: If you have a website, you can keep your bookers onsite by embedding the Class Search Portal as an iframe. To get the URL code, you need to add /iframe to the end of your class search portal URL. e.g. and follow the embedding guide as seen here: Embedding Bookwhen within your website

✨ If you have any questions regarding the Class Search Portal feature or Linked Accounts, please get in touch with the support team via live chat or email at

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