Sending new bookers a welcome email after making their first booking is a great personal touch to add to your services.

To do this, head to your Customer list and select Export customers (CSV) from the Options drop-down menu:

This will download a CSV file (in spreadsheet form, e.g. Excel, Numbers) where you will see two columns named 'Total bookings' and 'Total attendances'. If the number in these columns is '1', it is a new customer. You can filter the emails and send them their welcome email outside of Bookwhen through your email host (Gmail, Outlook, etc.).

💡 To note:

If this is a regular report you'd like to run, for example, monthly, you will need to reference the new file against the previous one to ensure you are only sending emails to new bookers, and not non-repeat bookers that may have been contacted the previous month.

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