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Changing ticket prices

There are a few ways to change the ticket prices associated with your entries.

Creating a new ticket type

You can create a new ticket type within your entry and add purchase restrictions. To do this, head to the Tickets & Costs tab from within your entry and select Add another ticket type at the bottom of your ticket setup:

Or select Add another ticket type from the left-hand menu (if you already have multiple tickets set up):

From here, you can start creating your new ticket by adding the new price and any additional details. Once completed, add a date restriction of when this ticket is available for purchase by selecting Restrict when this ticket will be available:

You can select Fixed date and add the first date that you'd like the new ticket price to become available for purchase.

✨ See here for more information on restricting your ticket availability.

Once you've created your new ticket, you'll need to restrict your existing ticket so that it will become unavailable after a set date. To do this, select the pencil and paper 📝 icon next to the ticket to open the edit page:

Then select the Restrict when this ticket will be available tickbox, Fixed date, then select the date you'd like that ticket to close, thus becoming unavailable after that date has passed.

💡 To note: Bookers can still book any of these tickets until the restriction date, so you may also wish to restrict how far in advance your entries show on your page. To do this, select the Dates & Times tab and scroll down. Select the Hide events in future checkbox:

You can then tailor how far in advance the entries show by minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years:

Duplicating your entry

A great way of changing ticket prices is to 'end' your existing, recurring schedule and duplicate the entry (so all the entry information carries across). Once duplicated, you can edit the new entry separately from the original and only include the correct updated information, such as dates and tickets.

To 'end' the recurring schedule, you'll first need to ensure there are no bookings after your desired end date, and if so, you'll need to cancel those bookings/tickets. Otherwise, head to the Dates & Times tab of your entry and select the recurring schedule on the right-hand side:

From here, change the Repeat until period from Ongoing to Until a set date, then add the date you'd like the entry to end:

Once completed, you can duplicate the entry by following the instructions outlined here, ensuring you remove any past dates from the new, duplicated entry and amend the ticket to the new ticket price.

✨ If you require a lot of duplications, please get in touch with support via live chat or by emailing, who can request the technical team's assistance.

Changing pass prices

Amending the price of your Pass directly from within the setup doesn't affect purchased passes, meaning you can increase the pass price on the day of the change. Alternatively, you can set up a new pass to keep them separate.

If you'd prefer to set up a new pass, you will need to ensure that you've added a date restriction to both the old Pass and new Pass, so bookers can only purchase those passes to and from a set date.

To do this, head to the Passes section and select Edit next to the existing Pass:

From here, add an End date to make the Pass unavailable from that date:

Once you're done, you can create your new, updated Pass by following the instructions outlined here, making sure you add a Start date that indicates when the Pass is made available for purchase.

When the original Pass is no longer available, you may wish to unpublish it. To do this, select it from your Pass list:

Then slide the Published toggle, so it appears in red:

Then select Save changes to ensure you save any changes you make.

Changing membership prices

You can update your membership prices from within Stripe, which automatically reflects within your Bookwhen account. Bookwhen will also send an email to your existing members to let them know of the change.

This is a simple way to manage your membership prices, as you avoid needing to create new memberships and transfer across the existing members. See here for more details on changing prices from within Stripe.

✨ If you have any questions, please get in touch with the support team via live chat or email at

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