A booking page is the page you schedule your activities on, and it has it's own unique public page URL, e.g. bookwhen.com/example - which you can share with your customers.

Each Public booking page is linked to a corresponding Schedule page in the admin site, so all changes to the schedule are reflected in your public page.

Bookwhen allows you to run multiple booking pages all under the same account. 

This can be useful if you want to separate out specific sets of events for different audiences, e.g.:

  • Booking page 1: Regular drop in classes
  • Booking page 2: 1-2-1 appointments
  • Booking page 3: Workshop for premium members

Each of the booking pages have their own independent URL, but booking, payments and customers from all schedule pages will come into the same single account.

There are several things you can do to customise your public page theming so that it matches your businesses branding.

User roles

For each schedule page you can set different levels of access for each administrator (found under 'Account' > 'Schedule pages'). They are:

  • No access
  • Bookings only
  • Setup & Bookings
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