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What is a Public page

Your Public page is the Bookwhen webpage that you share with your bookers, for them to make their bookings on, for example - 🌱

You can share this link directly with your bookers, or you can embed this page directly into your own website, discussed further here.

All changes to your entries and settings on your Schedule page are automatically reflected on your Public page.

Customising your Public page is discussed further here.

Where can I find the Public page?

The Public page link can be located here on your admin Schedule page where you can select the double paper icon 📑 to quickly copy the link, or select View public page to be taken straight to the page:

Having multiple pages

On our different plans, you to run multiple separate booking pages under the same Bookwhen account. A new Schedule page can be added to your account here.

Multiple pages can be really useful if you want to separate entries for different purposes or areas of your business, for example on our Standard plan, you can have up to three pages, which could be used for:

  • Regular classes

  • 1-2-1 appointments

  • Online courses

Please note, each booking page has its own unique URL to share with bookers. However, all customers, bookings and payments are managed and processed via the same account. You can easily switch between your pages here via Scheduling:

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