- Just launched -

🎉 Class passes

Enables you to sell blocks of tickets up front for your activities and classes, which your customers can redeem later. 

For example, you might sell a block of 10 passes for a fixed price. A customer can then redeem these passes against future classes at their convenience. You can set the timeframe in which these can be redeemed too. It's a perfect feature to get commitment from your customers in the New Year :)

🎉 Discount upgrades

We're adding in some new useful rules to discount codes:

  • Set a from and to date for the events your discount code will apply to. Perfect for shorter term offers, like a January sale for instance!
  • The entry list under Add usage restriction will be shortened to only include entries in the future. If you have a long list of entries this will be a life/eye saver!
  • Discount redemptions will only count on confirmed bookings, not checkout bookings too.

🎉 Ticket transfer restrictions

Ticket transfers are really useful, but you might not always want to give someone unlimited chances to defer their class. We're adding the ability to restrict how many times a ticket can be transferred and how far into the future it can be transferred.  

- Coming December -

🎉 Customer list

A brand new page! View all of your customers/attendees with key data including name, email, other attendee information and booking statistics. View in Bookwhen or export to csv - perfect for exporting into Mailchimp or finding your most dedicated attendees! 

- Coming New Year -

🎉 Memberships

Going into the New Year we'll be expanding on the new customer list to provide Membership options. This will enable you to assign different membership levels to customers, and - if you wish - charge them subscriptions. Members can then be given special privileges like early access to events, cheaper rates, or a free class allowance.

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