You can take payments and advertise prices whilst on our free two week trial or if you're on any of our paid plans.

Online payments

In order to facilitate online payments Bookwhen links with the following payment gateways:

Each of the payment gateways will charge you a fee per transaction and dictate the terms on which you can access your revenue. You can find out more about the respective gateways by clicking on the links above. With Bookwhen you can pass this fee onto your customers instead (if you're in the EEA please make sure you read this first).

Bookwhen simply charges you a flat monthly fee, we don't add any transaction fees. Bookwhen doesn't touch your revenue - it goes direct to your payment gateway of choice.

Offline payments

You can also give your customers to choice to pay 'offline'. These are instructions that you specify, which will be presented to the booker at checkout (and in the booking confirmation email they receive too). You can later mark the booking as paid on Bookwhen (e.g. when you reconcile your bank statements).

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