A booking can be in one of three statuses:

A booking enters the 'checkout' phase when the booker clicks the 'Book now' button on the public pages. The places will be reserved for the duration of the 'checkout reservation period'. A booking will remain in the checkout status even if it has been abandoned.

Note: If a booking has had the booking form filled in, but payment has not been made or agreed, then it will be shown with status 'checkout' on the 'latest bookings' list on your overview page. These bookings are not complete, do not take spaces, and no emails have been sent at this stage.

A booking is only marked as complete once the booker has: 

  • Filled in the booking form.
  • And either paid online or agreed to pay later (if the booking has a cost).

The booker will then be shown the 'Booking Complete' page and will be emailed the confirmation email.

Note: The confirmation email (containing the booking reference number) will only be sent to the booker, attendees and admins once the booking is complete. 

A booking can be cancelled by the booker, attendee, or admin according to the cancellation rules as defined in the settings pages. A cancellation email will be sent to the booker, attendees, and admin users. Once a booking is cancelled, the places will be released to people on the waiting list and then the public.

The bookings list page only shows booking in the 'Complete' status by default, so the other status options must be selected to see checkout or cancelled bookings.

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