Class passes work as a block of passes that an attendee buys up front (usually at a discounted rate). They can then redeem these passes to attend specific classes within a given time period (that you specify).

Class passes are available to Standard subscribers and above.

To set up a class pass, navigate to Setup > Discount options.

Some important points:

  • Once set up, the pass will appear as an option below tickets for events that you've made it available on. Attendees can then checkout with a class pass and some tickets. A customer must buy at least one qualifying ticket with their initial class pass purchase - this will act as the first redemption against the class pass. 
  • Valid tickets will automatically be taken off the customer's class pass allowance each time they return to make a booking, providing it's within the redeemable time window and they use the same booking email address (which is how Bookwhen recognises them).
  • You can book a class pass as an account admin on behalf of a customer. Just make sure you specify the customer's email under 'Booker contact email' when making the booking. 
  • Published toggle. This toggle sets whether the class pass is published. If unpublished it means the class pass will no longer be available to purchase, but attendees with an existing class pass will be able to redeem their remaining passes.
  • Single use per event? This is the difference between a class pass being redeemable for friend's tickets that an attendee books, or just for their own attendance. Usually, we recommend this being set to 'Single use only'.
  • On subsequent bookings a customer can simply add tickets to their basket and checkout. Providing they use the same booker email address they used to initially buy the class pass, then these tickets will automatically be taken from their class pass allowance.
  • It's not possible to re-order class passes after creating them. They will always appear in the order of date created, so please bear this in mind before creating multiple class passes, if the order is important to you.

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