The entry details of your event can be personalised using Markdown - a way to style text using simple codes. For example, put a hash (#) at the start of a line to make a large title.

How to format your text

To start a new paragraph, leave a blank line.
 To put a line-break within a paragraph, leave 2 blank spaces at the end of the line.

# Heading 1 - Biggest
 ## Heading 2 - Medium
 ### Heading 3 - Small

- Bullet list item with a dash or asterisk
 - Bullet list item two

1. Numbered list with a number and a point
 2. Numbered list item two


If you want to use an asterisk or underscore etc. without it affecting the text then put a backslash before it e.g. (\*star)

How to insert a link

To add a link use the format: [name](link)
 eg [Bookwhen]( will be shown simply as Bookwhen

How to insert an image

Images are inserted by linking to a public image URL. ie It has to exist somewhere on the internet. You can host your image in your attachments section of Bookwhen - 

The syntax is: ![alt text](/path/to/img.jpg "Title")
 eg ![Title and logo]( "Bookwhen")

More details

An excellent guide (written by Github) can be found here: Mastering Markdown
 And the full syntax can be found here: Markdown Syntax

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