To edit the title, description and look of your public booking page, you'll need to be logged in as the admin user on the public page.

  1. Go to your 'Public page'
  2. Click on 'Page setup' or 'Settings' in the top right. If not, then click 'Logout' and then 'Login' whilst still on the public page.

The theming options will look like this. Note - scroll down to see options for editing the page title and general information:

Banner and logo images

The logo image is placed in the top left and should simply be the size of your logo. On tiny screens (like a phone) it might be shrunk to fit of it's too wide. As a rough size guide something like 300 x 100px would seem sensible.

The banner image is stretched to fit the width of the browser, so a non-precise image (like a photo) is preferable. And the shape should be banner shaped (wide and not too high) so it doesn't cut off too much of the top or bottom. A good size might be about 1200 x 300px and you can use this site to get the right size. But no banner is always an option!

Looking for some inspiration for your banner? Checkout pexels for loads of free-to-use, great looking images!

Header background colour

Click in the 'Page background colour:' field to select a customised colour for your background. If you want it to match a specific colour (perhaps one included in your banner or logo, for example) then you might want to use a colour picker app - which are widely available to download for free, or often included in your computers software package.

Company details and refund policy

If you're accepting payments online through bookwhen, then you need to provide your company details and a refund policy. Bookwhen will display these on your public page in a footer. To update your company details click on Account details and click 'Edit' next to your company name. You can add text to your refund policy by clicking 'Edit' in your payment settings.

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