Step-by-step instructions on how to copy your v1 account to the new system.

Read the import notes first.

  1. Create a new account on the new version (unless you already have one). Note: The timezones must be the same between the two accounts.
  2. Start the import by entering your v1 login information on the new system. You will be emailed when it's complete.
  3. Contact us if the import has failed for some reason or if you have more than a few thousand bookings to import. It takes about 20 mins per 500 bookings.
  4. Once complete, setup your payment settings again, as these are not copied across!
  5. Check your data and the general settings to make sure that it all looks fine.
  6. If you had test bookings, they would have been left on a separate schedule page. You can delete the schedule as a whole (if you like) on the schedules setup page.
  7. If you are happy to start using the new version, then set your v1 account to redirect to your new public page. The setting is at the bottom of the page. Set it to your new public page name. This is important otherwise people might continue to book on the original system.

Don't forget: Step 4 if you take payments, and Step 7 to redirect people to your new page.

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