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Memberships Overview

What Memberships are and how to add the feature to your account

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Please note: The Membership feature is only available on the Standard Plan and those using Stripe as their integrated payment provider.

This article covers:

What is a Membership?

Our membership feature lets you set up recurring subscription payments, creating a steady income stream and encouraging repeat customers.

There are three essential elements:

  1. Membership Details: This includes the description, prices, and billing cycle for your membership.

  2. Customer Groups: Automatically created with each membership, it sets restrictions on what customers can redeem. Customers buying a membership are assigned to this group.

  3. Exclusive Tickets: Created within your entry, these tickets are only available to customers in the membership group. They can be free or discounted compared to the standard price, depending on your membership offering.

💡 Please note: Customers must create a customer account and log in to book exclusive member-only tickets.

Membership types

You can customise your memberships based on your preferences:

  1. Unlimited Membership:

    • Recurring fee for unlimited access to all classes.

    • Example: Unlimited at £59.99 per month.

  2. Tiered Membership:

    • Recurring fee at different price points for a set number of classes.

    • Examples:

      • Bronze: £20 per month for 2 classes a week.

      • Silver: £35 per month for 3 classes a week.

      • Gold: £40 per month for 4 classes a week.

  3. Discounted Ticket Membership:

    • Recurring fee for access to tickets at a discounted rate.

    • Example: Grow Loyalty Programme at £60 per year with 50% off tickets/events.

💡 Important notes

Setting up a membership involves creating a recurring payment through Stripe using a continuous payment authority (CPA).

Here are key points:

  • Subscription Start:

    • Memberships start from the purchase date.

    • For monthly memberships, renewal occurs on the same date each consecutive month.

  • Pass Priority:

    • Pass uses take precedence over membership redemptions.

    • If a customer has both, the system uses the pass first.

    • Consider offering exclusive tickets for members to differentiate redemptions.

  • Importing Members:

  • Membership Cancellation:

    • When a membership is cancelled, booked tickets aren't automatically cancelled.

    • You have control to cancel tickets manually or retain them for offline payment outside Bookwhen.

  • Pausing a membership:

    • Although it's not currently possible to pause a membership within Bookwhen, you can opt to pause payments in Stripe. However, please note that this won't temporarily stop the subscription and/or block access to membership benefits in Bookwhen.

    • The only way to 'pause' a membership within Bookwhen is to cancel the customer's subscription and ask them to rejoin when they are ready.

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