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Booker article: How to purchase, manage and redeem Pass uses

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What is a Pass?

A Pass enables you to buy a block of classes at a set price that you can redeem at a later time.

πŸ’‘ Passes are set up and are an option for Event Organisers, and they decide the price and number of uses.

Purchasing Passes

If offered by your Event Organiser, you can find passes near the top of the booking page:

To add the Pass to your basket, select the Select button:

To purchase a Pass, you must select at least one event included in the Pass in the same transaction:

If you don't select an event, the below error message will appear:

  • Valid tickets will show under the ticket options.

How they will appear after you have added a Pass to your basket:

How they will appear before you have added Pass to your basket:

πŸ’‘ If preferred, you can select more than one valid class in the initial Pass booking.

Redeeming your Pass

πŸ’‘ Please ensure you always log in and use the same email address during checkout when redeeming your Pass.

The Pass is linked to your email address, meaning that you won't have to pay every time you book a valid ticket with your Pass.

The checkout process is the usual method. On the Event Organisers schedule page, valid tickets list which Passes can be redeemed against them.

If your Pass is valid, please select the ticket:

You can either select additional tickets or continue to your basket by selecting View selections:

The checkout process is the usual method, except you 'Pass use' will appear under the price, and you won't be charged for the valid ticket:

After selecting Book now, the system will ask you for your email address:

πŸ’‘ Please ensure you use the same email address you entered when purchasing the Pass. You will also be asked for your password if you have previously created an account.

Next, you will be prompted to input the Attendee details plus any further information required by the Event Organiser:

πŸ’‘ It might not be possible to book yourself and another attendee onto a class using the same Pass, as this depends on the pass settings set by your event organiser. In this case, each pass holder must complete their booking.

You complete the booking by selecting Continue, where you will receive a booking confirmation message.

As a Pass holder, you should not be asked to pay at this stage unless you choose tickets that are not valid with your Pass.


  • You cannot redeem a pass against a course, group, or free ticket.

  • In the case of multiple passes on your account, eligible ticket purchases will be redeemed against the oldest pass, not the one with the most recent expiration date.

πŸ’‘ To note

  • Discount codes overrule pass uses, meaning if you enter a discount code and have a valid pass, the system will redeem the discount code.

  • If you'd prefer to use a pass use, please remove the discount code by selecting the cross (x) to the right of the code.

Important note: How the checkout appears for multiple attendees

If your event organiser has allowed you to book multiple attendees with your pass, the checkout will display a little differently.

This is because the system needs to first validate that you aren't accidentally booking yourself onto the event twice.

For example, if you have added a pass, plus two tickets for the same event, the system will originally only remove one pass use, and it'll appear as if you need to pay for the second.

Basket view:

However, as you move through the checkout process and add the additional attendee information, the system will redeem as intended.

Checkout view:

When you compare the screenshots:

  1. The first (basket view) shows a charge for the additional ticket.

  2. The second shows no further charges, as all of the attendee information has been filled out, and the system is able to allocate the second attendee to the pass redemption.

Managing a Pass

Once you have completed a booking and created a password, you can log into your account to view the remaining uses on your Pass and its expiry date.

Cancelling a Pass

Depending on your Event Organiser's settings, you may be able to cancel a Pass ticket and receive a returned use or transfer to another class.

πŸ’¬ Any questions? Please reach out to your Event Organiser directly.

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