Integrating the Bookwhen iframe within your Wix website is simple and should only take a few minutes. This guide covers:

Locating your iframe embedding code

1 - Visit your Public page

2 - Select Page setup in the top right of that page

3 - You'll see on the left-hand side automatically generated HTML codes for a Button link, a Standard link, and an Embedded iframe

4 - Select Embedded iframe and copy the code in the box below as shown here:

Embedding the iframe on your website

Head over to your Wix home page. While in edit mode, select Add in the top left menu, then Add section to page, then from the available sections select the section labelled HTML Embed. Choose a layout design from the list, and then drag this section to where you would like your Bookwhen schedule to appear on your website:

At the bottom of your new HTML Embed section on the left, you will see Settings marked in blue next to HTML:

Select the HTML settings, you will then be able to paste your copied iframe into the section named paste your code as shown below.

You can also use the width and height drag tools in this section to adjust the size of your schedule. However, we recommend using the widest setting so that your full schedule is visible.

Your Bookwhen schedule will then be embedded onto your website and ready for your clients to use on your website when it's published.

If required, you can find helpful information on the Wix help library here that explains this process in further detail.

Other information about the iframe

  • The iframe is fully mobile responsive and should work on any device. For the best performance on mobile, we recommend keeping the event names and descriptions as short as possible, to prevent the need for scrolling.

  • The iframe will only every display your schedule and events. Nothing else from your page will be included, which is why banner images, buttons, and the footer are not carried across.

  • If you wish to pre-filter what is displayed in your iframe, you can read how to do so here.

  • If you have any issues with how your iframe is rendering on the page, this is most likely due to another element on the page interfering with the code. We recommend getting in touch with your website manager to troubleshoot further.

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