If you haven't already read about how to filter your Public Page you may wish to check out our help article.

The header of your Public Page (Public Page - Page Setup) will respond to some elements of HTML code, one example being the use of buttons for your filtering links.

For example, if you wish to produce a button like this -

Which links to an entry called 'Beginner activity' you can simply enter the following code into your header section -

<div class="view_button">
        <a class="small button" href="https://bookwhen.com/activities-example?entry=twrfytuencbf">Beginner Activity</a>

  • the URL in quotation marks after href= is the filtered URL you create using the method described in our help article, or if you simply want to reset the page it could be your Public Page URL with no filtering applied.
  • the text that appears after URL"> and before </a> is the text that appears on the button.

Make sure you remember to save your settings after you have finished!

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