If you're using a phone or a tablet for Bookwhen admin, you can easily insert Emojis anywhere that uses text, just like when writing a message to friends.

However, not everyone knows that you can also bring up an Emoji keyboard on your laptop or computer. Here's how:

Using the Emoji keyboard on a Mac

You can bring up the emoji keyboard on a Mac by pressing CTRL + CMD + Space at the same time

Using the Emoji keyboard in Windows

You can bring up the Emoji keyboard in Windows by either
Holding Windows + ; (semi-colon)
or Windows + . (full stop)

Here's an example of how it's being used to add an Emoji to the name of a class:

And here's how that would look on the booking page:

Emojis are a great way to differentiate classes or items on your schedule, especially if you're selling gift vouchers, items or pre-recorded video content

You can use them anywhere you type text, such as

Event name
Event description
Booking confirmation message
Ticket name
Ticket description
Page title
Page description

https://emojipedia.org/ is a great place to explore all the available Emojis and how they look in different tools and devices.

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