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Non-time-specific entries

Selling courses and items on your schedule that are not connected to a certain time or date

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Bookwhen (as a system) centres around events that your customers book onto. However, there may be instances where you want to use your Bookwhen page to sell access to online content or an online course or product without a specific time frame.

This article covers:

✨ You can learn about selling add-ons to events here.

Permanent items

For permanent products, such as the voucher workaround, physical items or content you sell all year round, we recommend setting up an event as 'All day' for 365 days.

For example, if you start this event on 1st Jan 2021, it will always appear at the top of your schedule (beginning on the first day of the year) and stay until the end of the year, as the event only disappears once it is over.

Here's an example of how to set this up within the Dates & Times tab in your entry. Tick All day event, add a Start date and type the duration (e.g. "365") into the Duration field:

Below is how this entry appears your public booking page:

All day events

You can set up your event duration in days, which is useful if, for example, your event is running for a full day or over a few days.

To do this, select the Dates & Times tab within your entry setup and tick the All day event checkbox:

From here, select the Start date and add the event duration under Duration (in days).

For example, if you add "1" here, the event will show as "1 day" with no specific start time.

  • You may wish to add further event details under the Information tab of your entry, such as start and end times (where applicable).

Time-limited access

If you're selling online video content, you may want to limit your customer's access to the content so they have, for example, ten days of access. In this case, we recommend making the event duration the number of days you wish to give them access.

As the event will disappear once it's over, you might want to list the length of the access in the interval. For example, if the access is ten days, list that event every ten days.

For example, in the screenshot below, the event has been set to repeat every ten days. The default number under Repeat until is five, so please be sure to change this number if you'd like this entry to recur for longer:

And this is how it appears on your public booking page:

πŸ’‘ To note: Your customers can make multiple bookings on an entry using the same 'booker' email:

But not the same attendee email:

For this reason, we recommend that you remove the attendee email booking form field, keeping only the booker email field, so they can purchase it more than once.

Adding private information or content

Customers can access a private link to view the videos with our YouTube and Vimeo integrations, but that access will expire after the event ends.

You can set access as indefinite. To do this, select the event, then drop-down menu next to Edit entry, then Assign videos to this event:

From here, select the During and after the event checkbox:

✨ You can learn how to add any other information or joining instructions for only customers who have booked your event here.

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Thank you! πŸ•Ί

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