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How to share joining information for your online events
How to share joining information for your online events

Adding information that only customers who have booked/paid for an event can view.

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You can create a unique link for each event. Customers receive this link in their booking confirmation email or by logging into their Bookwhen account after they've completed a booking. This link is secure, and only people who've booked can view the event details.

This is useful for providing instructions for online events using services like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Facebook Live, and YouTube Live (we also have integrations for Zoom and Jitsi).

This article covers:

Setting private joining information for each event

You can Add a new entry if you're creating a new event:

Or select an existing entry, then Edit entry:

Update your Location

To update your location, select the Location tab within your entry. From here, you can set your location to an online event by selecting Online event:

Then, choose the online location from the Select online location drop-down. Otherwise, select Add a new location. You can then create a Location name, choose Online provider and add the online event information:

Add your joining link to each date 

  1. Once you've updated your location, you can select Save & Exit

  2. Select an event in your schedule

  3. Select the down arrow next to the Edit entry button

  4. Select Add online joining details and add your private info (e.g. Facebook live streaming link)

  5. You can repeat this for any date/time in your schedule. The change won't apply across the entire entry; it's unique to every date/time.

How customers/attendees can view their joining instructions

  1. Open their Booking Confirmation email

  2. Select View online event

  3. This will open up the event page, including private event information.

💡 To note: It doesn't matter if you add your joining instructions to the event after people book, as selecting View online event will always take your customers to the latest information. This means you could add your joining instructions as late as 15/20 minutes before your online class begins.

  • We include the View online event button in all booking emails, provided you've set your location as a 'No map - online event'.

Viewing your online event

You can view your online event page, including any joining instructions, from your schedule page. Select the relevant date/time and Online event. This button will only appear if you've set your location as 'No map - online event'. 

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